Top tips to make your business more efficient

As we move into 2022, it is clear that many small businesses now need to adopt systems and processes that previously only seemed relevant to larger enterprises. Small businesses need to be looking for new systems that can help them restructure to manage their costs, accountability and efficiency and retain their competitiveness.

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New challenges

Success or failure in the next decade will be decided by the ability to take advantage of novel digital and cloud technologies. In particular, companies have to be willing to stay abreast of the technologies that their customers may already be using. The ability to remain on top of the game in service delivery definitely creates a significant advantage but especially so when it helps manage the escalating overheads that we are already beginning to experience. Some of the most important are the fuel and service costs related to vehicles and the prompt delivery of products.

Digital solutions

One efficient way to reduce overheads while maintaining an effective delivery schedule is to ensure your business has full access to Fuel Card Services. The most immediate advantage is that the cards are for fuel purchases only (often discounted), automatically recording the cost, time and location. That in itself helps you control your logistics and expenditure, however most cards come with an extensive range of other useful services that save time and money in key areas of fleet management.

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A fuel card often opens the door to a range of other digital services. For example, a mobile phone link up can provide full vehicle reporting checks that improve safety compliance while reducing manual checks and administration costs. Adding a software tool to your business systems to improve routing and tracking can reduce mileage claims by as much as 21%. You can also use tools to pre-plan your fleet maintenance schedule with pre-negotiated locked-down rates at thousands of nationwide garages, providing automated alerts for servicing and MOTs and a budgeting-friendly pay-as-you-go system.

As well as cost control, it is also important to support your valuable staff and drivers. Some cards provide driver safety apps that monitor driver welfare and prevent unnecessary detours by identifying the closest fuel stations and 24hr HGV friendly sites and services.

This is just a small sample of the many digital tools available with fuel cards that provide opportunities to make your business more attractive to customers and employees.

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