Five more ways to make a new house feel like home

Managing the transition from an old to a new house can be tricky. Sometimes it takes a while for the new place to feel homely, so let’s take a look at five ways to guarantee that relaxing, cosy feeling.

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1. Chill out

Spend some time in every room. Cook a familiar meal in the kitchen – you won’t burn your dishes and familiar memories will enter an unfamiliar place. Enjoy a movie night in your sitting room, do something other than sleeping in your bedroom, and pass time in every other room.

2. Avoid dump zones

The attic and garage frequently become unorganised and unnecessary dump zones. Get boxes and shelving for the garage and put things away in an ordered fashion. The attic must be treated similarly – you don’t want to be hunting high and low for the Christmas decorations!

If you are wondering what to do with some of your things, store them neatly for a few months. If they aren’t missed, donate them. Think about hiring a skip if you have a lot of junk that you don’t use any more.

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3. Decorate

Decorating is a great activity for putting your mark on a place and is guaranteed to make you feel house proud. Choosing the decor and colour schemes will stamp your personality on the house. Painting isn’t necessary; for example, you could simply get some new duvet covers for the beds or cushions for the sofas. Small touches can be effective.

Freshome has some great ideas for creating a cosy home without spending any money.

4. Guests

When you have settled in, invite your friends and family over. You will feel proud and happy sharing your new abode – and they might be able to help you reduce your dump zone! Their love and laughter will bless your home.

5. Taking time

The best way for a house to feel like home is the passage of time. You will get to know all the nooks and crannies, where you have to sit to catch the evening rays and the vagaries of the plumbing; in fact, the more time you spend there, the more special your home will become.


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