The Things most loved about Italy

If you’re lucky enough to have spent time in Italy, you probably fell in love with many aspects of this vibrant nation. For those who have never been, there are still many things we understand and love about this European country. Here are just a few of our favourite things:

  1. Food

Think of Italy and your stomach rumbles. Its most famous export has got to be the food. Food and wine are the heart and blood of Italy. It’s all about comfort food in Italy – the pasta of Florence, the pizza of Naples and of course, the famous gelato! There are so many regions all offering their own unique ingredients and recipes that it’s hard not to fall in love with the delicious, fresh offerings that have put Italy firmly on the global food map for many hundreds of years.

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  1. Food Culture

It’s not just what the Italians eat but how they eat it. There is a whole dining culture that other countries just don’t have. We tend to scoff our dinners at around 6 or 7 after we get in from work, but dinner in Italy normally starts between 8 and 9 and involves savouring the meal, conversation, evening strolls and more lively passion than can ever be displayed during a microwave ready meal in front of the TV. Treat yourself to a little Italian living, with a night out at an Italian Restaurant Dublin, like

  1. Coffee

Coffee is cheap in Italy and it’s the best in the world! And what’s more, these wonderful coffees are normally accompanied by some of the most delicious pastries could possibly imagine. Heaven! Think croissants filled with Nutella or pistachio-filled brioche.

  1. Opinions

Italians are passionate – about everything! From fashion to supercars and from football to cooking – their passion is infectious when it comes to style, luxury and living life to the fullest. They engage in heated conversations and everyone is entitled to an opinion without being considered strong-minded or obstinate.

  1. Doing nothing

Have you ever heard of Il dolce di far niente? A uniquely Italian perspective that means ‘the sweetness of doing nothing’. Sometimes we need to just sit on a park bench and watch the world go by, with no pressure, no stress and no smartphone! The Italians embrace this concept wholeheartedly and it’s something we should all do a bit more of.

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  1. Family and Friendship

Italian culture has a strong emphasis on family and community. They hold great importance on values like friendship, generosity and providing a warm welcome. In Italy, people actually seem to like their families, holding their parents in high respect and often organising spontaneous social gatherings for everyone. Friends will bend over backwards to help you and different groups of friends mix organically without heaps of pre-planning.





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