Eco-friendly housing options to reduce your carbon footprint

Did you know that private homes are responsible for nearly a quarter of carbon dioxide emissions around the globe? If you’re interested in reducing your carbon footprint, a good place to start is with your next house move. These are the eco-friendly housing options that could be your next home!

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Tiny house

If you want to go off the grid and conserve building materials, a tiny house could be the answer. Typically built from wood on a trailer base, tiny houses are equipped with solar panels, wood burners and wind turbines to make them totally self-sufficient.

If you want to reduce your footprint, a tiny home could suit you.

Shipping container homes

Shipping containers make unique, eco-friendly housing thanks to the sustainability of the materials and lack of waste. If you love the streamlined look and aesthetic of contemporary minimalism, an affordable and stylish shipping container home is a savvy choice.

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Prefabricated housing

There’s plenty of buzz in green circles about this type of housing. Fabricated with virtually no waste and built in a fraction of the time of a standard new build, this type of housing includes residential park homes, which are often built to exceptional environmental standards.

If you’re an empty nester or keen on downsizing in a sustainable way, take a look at low-maintenance and eco-friendly modular housing like Built to meet modern building regulations on energy efficiency and sustainability, these homes blend environmental awareness with style, helping you to cut your monthly bills significantly.

Earth sheltered homes

If you’ve ever fancied living underground or in a home built into a hillside, this style of property could appeal to you. These types of homes blend seamlessly into the natural environment and often have very low or no utility bills because of the great insulation.

However, if having access to plenty of natural light is important to you, you may find that a hidden earth sheltered home is not the best choice for you.

The Earthship

This prefabricated home is built entirely from sustainable materials and is completely self-contained, down to its own sewage system! Although it scores top marks for sustainability, it can be complex and costly to construct.

With so many great and interesting options to choose from, which one will be your next eco-friendly home?

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