Build with bamboo, much more than a trend

Building with bamboo is fashionable. It is a revolution that shows that it is not necessary to use conventional materials. In addition, we will help our planet. Know how it is done.

As we told you in one of our articles, the way to build buildings has changed , so we build according to our needs and what we want to show the rest of society. The latest fashion that has come to stay is building buildings with bamboo poles. This material has been used since ancient times by man, however, when they discovered materials such as concrete or brick, the use of bamboo fell considerably. Today we are noticing a rebound in this way of building. We tell you why.

It has already been demonstrated that the qualities of bamboo at the time of construction are exceptional: they are light, flexible and their seismic resistance is very good, which makes them an especially good material for places where there are usually earth movements. In addition, its cost is low if we compare it with other construction materials. These are some of the bamboo buildings that have caught our attention the most.

A Buddhist school built with bamboo

Chiangmai Life Architects has been the company in charge of this project: design and build the sports pavilion of a Buddhist school in Thailand using only bamboo as building material. The rest of the buildings that make up the school complex are also built with bamboo and earth, using conventional materials at a very low percentage, only when necessary. Basketball courts, volleyball, badminton and even a futsal court, all built with rods of this plant. One of the few places where a building material has been used is on the roof, which has been covered with tiles to allow the lotus flowers to grow, a symbol of purity in Buddhism. “The design and the material allow a cool and pleasant climate throughout the year through natural ventilation and insulation. The use of bamboo has been a success. More than 300 people can meet under the main structure of the school “, count the workers of the school.

Skyscrapers built with bamboo, a reality?

The World Architecture Festival has selected the Bamboo Skyscraper project as a finalist in the category “Best project for the future”. In case of winning, more than 250,000 square meters of offices, hotels, commercial areas, residential areas and schools will be built. All this built with bamboo, using only when strictly necessary stainless steel and transparent vinyl. These skyscrapers would make up a small city within the chaotic Singapore with towers over 200 meters high. The project director, Carlos R. Gómez, says that “bamboo fibers have such a high tensile strength that makes them the ‘new steel’, in fact – he continues with his explanation – he affirms that” some species manage to be stronger and harder than an oak in just five years. ”

Bamboo Forest, a project to match

On the occasion of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of “The Asian Everyday:  Possibilities in the Shifting World “, this project was born in Japan that has achieved great international projection. A bamboo-based forest has been built on the roof of one of the most important design and architecture offices in the country. From Vietnam came the stems of the plant, which were later assembled in Japan. Without metal structures and only with natural materials, this spectacular terrace has been given a touch of originality in just three weeks.

Project House of trees, in Vietnam

Using local materials to reduce cost, carbon footprint and maintain the connection with nature were the main objectives of this project. And they have achieved it. In addition, these houses contribute to reduce flooding in the city, since they have water storage containers, so if this trend is extended, the floods in the city will be smaller, and with them the damages. The main construction material has been bamboo -with which the building has been formed- and the brick of local origin so that it does not transfer heat to the interior. Design and ecology of the hand with the same purpose. We love!

The Nomadic Museum, in the United States

A temporary structure was the perfect solution to make exhibitions throughout the world. For this reason bamboo was chosen to build this building. The museum is 100% sustainable with the environment. Inside we can see exhibitions or attend conferences and conferences. From New York or California, passing through Mexico City, we can enjoy this museum in all cities.


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