How to buy a sweater that will last

As sweater season approaches, it is time to dig out your winter wardrobe essentials. If you are lacking quality winterwear or finding that last year’s stylish sweater seems to be looking a little shabby, it could be time to upgrade your knitwear. Choosing a quality sweater that washes well over time and doesn’t fall apart or develop holes, pulls or bobbling, can be tricky, so here is our guide to buying a sweater that will last beyond this season:

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Swerve synthetic fibres

Synthetic fibres, such as polyester, are best avoided if you are looking for lasting quality. Polyester, acrylic and rayon yarns are common materials for shop-bought sweaters and tend to be easy to care for; however, they are more likely to fall apart.

If you are looking for a sweater that will last season after season, select natural knitwear and avoid synthetic or synthetic blends. Natural fabrics such as wool and cashmere can require a little more care, but it will pay off – they are much more likely to keep you warm and cosy over time. Go for chunky women’s or mens fisherman sweaters or stylish cable knits in quality Aran yarns for a long-lasting knit.

Natural fabrics are also typically more breathable and skin-friendly than synthetics. Fans of luxurious knitwear can opt for cashmere, alpaca or merino wool for a super-soft and long-lasting wardrobe staple if cared for gently.

Inspect your purchase

Take the time to give your sweater the once-over, taking in the finer details – such as the seams – to assess its quality. Watch out for obvious pulls, loose fabric, and pilling of the fibres. Well-sewn and super-smooth seams are a good indication of a well-crafted sweater, with a high-quality and longer-lasting piece having an evenly stitched and consistent knitted pattern. For those seeking knitwear, companies such as Shop Aran offer a wide range.

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Feel the fabric

Giving the fabric a feel can also be a helpful indication of the sweater’s quality and longevity. Look out for a supple, well-stitched and softer fabric, ensuring you swerve super-stiff or rough-feeling options.

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