10 business models that have been successful in the USA

Undertaking a new business is never easy because it involves facing numerous challenges and risks, however, more and more workers choose this path. To avoid failure, the most important thing is to offer an innovative and original idea that is profitable and allows the continuity of the enterprise. One way to ensure success is to imitate models that have triumphed in other markets, such as the United States .

Transferring an idea from a market and applying it to a completely different one does not seem to be the most innovative idea, but precisely, the innovative thing is to take a business model that works and adapt it to the local market in a way that maintains its essence but is transformed into something original and profitable at the same time.

Are you pressing to start a business ? We tell you 10 successful business models in the USA that could give you a good idea to choose your next job:

Spa for dogs

Pets also need relaxing moments, which is why more and more centers dedicated to the hygiene and comfort of dogs are being created. Baths, massages, haircuts and changes of look: they have all kinds of services.

 Virtual tutors

With the increase of online courses, many students look for ways to learn and consolidate their knowledge in the network. Virtual tutors can use platforms and audiovisual resources to transmit knowledge, help with tasks or simply evacuate doubts to students.

 Food trucks

Literally, these trucks can carry all kinds of food anywhere. The best thing about this business is that you do not need to wait for people to get close, but you can go directly to the public you want to conquer.

Mobile stores

Imitating the model of food trucks, some clothing and accessories stores have opted to add mobility to their businesses, constantly moving to sell their products.

Restaurants adapted to the climate

In general, restaurants have an essentially fixed menu, which has its variations throughout the year but always maintains the essence. In the United States, the new trend is to create restaurants that fully adapt their menu to the season of the year.

Original and practical, this is a way to give a different touch to a traditional business.

Funeral 2.0

The death is somehow the safest business in the world, because after all and as gloomy as it sounds, customers will always be there. Sober and traditional, funeral homes generally ignore innovation, however, this is changing.

  • Funerals for pets;
  • custom coffins with all kinds of designs, photographs and colors;
  • thematic funerals in which the attendees are asked to attend with a particular disguise or characterization;
  • products such as jewelry or paintings made from the ashes of the deceased …

Some American companies are beginning to take a real turn for this industry.

Rental of friends

How many times did you need a friend to go out on a spree and none was available? Do not you find someone to accompany you to the gym or to see that horrendous movie that apparently only you want to see?

Thanks to the fact that some companies offer this service, now you can rent a friend to accompany you when no one else wants to do so.

A personalized Saint Nicholas

When the Christmas season comes and it is time to choose gifts for the family, we would all like to have someone to assign the task to. Fortunately, there are companies dedicated to offering personal shoppers for the time of year, who are specifically in charge of buying Christmas gifts following the instructions of the person who hires their service.

Virtual assistance

Going to the office is no longer strictly necessary, now many of the tasks that years ago could only be done in person can be carried out virtually. A business idea that triumphs in the USA is to create a company or group of virtual assistants, who offer their services to all types of companies.

Is a virtual assistant a person? Not always!

Create resumes

Making a resume in the right way is not easy, it requires organization and planning that many times workers do not have. For that reason, for some time the creation of curriculums has become a truly profitable business for those who have the ability to create this type of documents in an attractive way.

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