Pre-mix-v post-mix: the difference

If you own a bar or a restaurant, one of the most important aspects of your business is drinks. If you want to serve great drinks, you need an efficient soda dispenser. There are a few types that offer different advantages. Here is a look at the differences between pre-mix and post-mix soda dispensers.

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Pre-Mix Dispensers

A pre-mix dispenser has three main components: the carbonator, the CO2 tank and the bag of syrup that comes ready mixed. These types of dispensers are often found in smaller establishments and make serving the drink easy. They are usually used when plumbing is not installed because the beverage is ready to drink. Once the pressurised gas is applied, the drink moves through the machine system through a tube. A cold plate cools the drink before it leaves the system, so you only need a CO2 tank and ice for this to work.

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Post-Mix Dispensers

The post-mix system uses a heavy, concentrated base liquid and a dilutant. This allows the concentrated drink to dispense via a nozzle. During this process, the colour and flavours are added to the beverage, which now consists of the syrup and dilutant. The result is a delicious carbonated beverage in a cup. The post mix equipment keeps the syrup and dilutant separate and mixes them at the last stage, which gives the final drink a consistent finish.

Drink Options

There are many options for the post-mix equipment, and you can research the types available online. Some post mix equipment can come with in-built ice boxes, while others have soda guns. Some have push-button dispensers. You can find the perfect soda dispenser for your bar or restaurant needs. From cola to orange drinks, fizzy squash to lemonade, there are many options to suit all customer requirements. Diet cola has an enduring appeal, so it is a great idea to include this in your drink options.

Placement Considerations

The first thing to consider after deciding on your dispenser and installing it is where to put it in your restaurant. A pre-mix system or post-mix system could be placed in the common area so diners can use it themselves, or you could place it in the kitchen area for employees to use. There are many size options, with some systems having one nozzle, others six or eight, and some as many as 24 nozzles.

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