The Eden Project – Why it is One of the UK’s Top Attractions

The Eden Project, located in St Blazey, Cornwall, has become one of the most popular tourist sites in the UK since opening its doors in 2001. The Eden Project has contributed to 1 billion pounds to the economy in Cornwall, and the idea of the Eden Project is to educate and teach others about sustainability and promote the use of plant resources. There are lots of different things to see and do at the site of the Eden Project including fun activities for children to teach them about the benefits of plants. If you want to have a pretty garden with a variety of plants like the Eden Project, but need to tidy it up a bit, then why not dust off your lawnmower to get your garden neat and tidy again? If your lawnmower needs a bit of TLC, why not buy some more Mountfield Spares from online stores such as so even you can create your own ‘Eden Project’.

 Biomes (eco domes) 

The Biomes are another big part of the Eden Project, and they are indoor glass eco domes that have a wide variety of plant species; there are the rainforest biome and the Mediterranean biome for visitors to walk around and discover new plants. They also have outdoor gardens too with flowers such as the Daphne bhoula; a native flower to the Eastern Himalayas. They also have the Australian Gardens where they have plants such as Kangaroo Paws, and the Eucalyptus Macrocarpa. There are over 2 million plants based at The Eden Project, which is a lot of flowers. Here are different types of flowers to read about

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Invisible Worlds

The Invisible Worlds exhibition is a sensory type of attraction that ‘reveals the world beyond our senses’. It is an interactive exhibition, so it is perfect for children to learn about modern-day topics such as sustainability and recycling, but it also allows them to have fun too. 

The Rainforest Canopy Walkway 

The Rainforest Canopy walkway is a great way to see the gorgeous views of the Eden Project. It is a 23-meter long rope bridge and is positioned between two of The Eden Projects tallest trees in the biomes. There are also many different platforms to go to such as the Rain Shack; where visitors can shelter from the rain, the Climate Platform and Weather Station; where visitors can learn about the atmosphere and climate change, and there are many more.

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Fun for the Kids

The Eden Project also has lots of kids attractions, such as soft play areas, the Minibeast Mansion Play Tower, and the Nest Climbing Frame, so your little ones will certainly not be bored whilst visiting The Eden Project. The Invisible Worlds attraction is also great for young children to interact with the exhibits, and learn too.

More to See and Do

This attraction also has Britain’s longest zip wire which covers 660 metres of The Eden Project, and also reaches a speed of 60mph; this is a great way to see the views of the site, and the beauty of the biomes. The Sky Trek Aerial Course is not for the faint-hearted; it is a high up adventure course that has difficult crossings, and wobbly bridges – the end of the course then leads to the zip wire. There are also many other thrill-seeking activities at the Eden Project.

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