Should I Replace My Floors with Wood Flooring?

The popularity of wooden floors shows no signs of slowing. It adds a warmth and character to any room of the house. Wood floors can have change the feel of a house almost instantly, and they have many advantages. They are often used in high end Serviced Apartment Birmingham way such as those you can see at and it is now possible to achieve this luxury feel in your home.

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However, hardwood floors are not inexpensive. The cost for many can be prohibitive. A viable alternative is engineered wooden flooring, which can give the look and feel of a wooden floor at a much lower cost.

Ease of Installation

The engineered wood floors consist of a hardwood veneer, such as oak, and a multitude of thin layers of wood that have been glued and compressed together. It is this process that gives the wood both strength and durability. The wooden planks are tongue and groove and will slot together. After this they must be stapled to the sub-floor. If you are looking to install them yourself, there are numerous online forums such as the Diynetwork providing handy tips.


The use of the multiple layers of urethane that are applied to the sub-floor prior to laying the engineered wood planks assist with the durability of the floor, as they create a stronger protective barrier. In addition, the construction of the wood means that it doesn’t expand and contract in the same way as traditional solid wood flooring. As a result, it is resistant to high moisture levels and fluctuations in temperature. It can therefore be ideal for both bathrooms and kitchens too.

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Enhance Your Home

There is a wide range of different types of engineered flooring now on the market, with styles to suit all tastes. Those who are searching for a more traditional look may choose the oak engineered flooring, whereas a more modern look can be achieved by choosing a lime-wash finish.

Its Looks Are Long-Lasting

Engineered wood flooring can be both sanded and refinished just like a real wood floor. If the floor starts to look a little tired, you do not have to rip it up and start again, as you do with laminate floors. You can completely change the look of your floor with much less hassle.

With the advantages of a man-made product yet the look of a natural wooden floor, there is little to dislike about engineered wood flooring.

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