The benefits of rubber matting

You probably haven’t given much thought to rubber matting. Why would you? Well, when it comes to finding a solution to a specific issue you might have in your home or workplace, rubber matting could well be the solution you’re looking for. If you’re having slipping issues, dirty carpet problems or need to make an area of floor safer, look no further than rubber matting. Here are some great ways that rubber matting can improve your daily life!

  1. Tools and Work Vans

Sick of your tools always slipping around in your steel toolbox or tool drawer? Want to stop expensive equipment and tool boxes from sliding around in the back of your work van? Then rubber matting is the answer. By lining the bottom of drawers and van floors with rubber, you can prevent unnecessary damage to expensive tools and help them to last longer as they won’t move around. Rubber offers an ideal anti-slip surface, perfect for being able to find your tools precisely where you left them!

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  1. Stables

Rubber matting is popular for use in stables. The anti-slip properties make it easier for horses to get up while the rubber provides improved insulation from cold floors. Hard, cold floors can damage hooves, no matter how much bedding is put down but rubber will provide more warmth and less fatigue on the horse’s joints.

  1. Boat Decking

As you can imagine, boats can become slippery places whether you’re out fishing or just enjoying the views with a drink in your hand! By laying rubber matting, boat users have a better grip of potentially slippery floors as any water is drained away and it makes cleaning an easier process too. For more information on Rubber Moulding UK, visit a site such as meadex rubber mouldings

  1. Gyms

This is the most common place to find this kind of matting. Rubber provides good insulation, anti-slip properties and cushioning which helps to prevent joint fatigue. It is often found completely covering gym floors, adding both safety and comfort for those working out.

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  1. Flower Pots

Many keen gardeners use rubber matting underneath flower pots to prevent damage to the pots, scratching to the patio surface and increasing the amount of air that can circulate underneath the plant. This helps to reduce a build up of mould, fungi and staining on the pot itself.

  1. Anti Fatigue

Do you stand for long periods at a time? This can apply to factory and shop workers or even someone who stands in a workshop carrying out DIY jobs or hobbies. Rubber matting helps to keep the muscles and joint moving by reacting to the flexibility of the matting. This means the heart doesn’t have to pump as hard to get blood into constricted muscles, for example. This is a wise investment for employers who are looking to reduce the risk of time off sick for staff as it improves the circulation of oxygen round the body resulting in less fatigue.

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