How to Choose a Gas or Diesel Engine for Your Truck

Diesel Engine

Gas or diesel? It seems to be a common question among truck drivers looking for the most bang for their buck. Not all fuels are created equal, so some people may wonder if the cost of a gasoline vehicle outweighs the benefits of diesel performance. As with most decisions, there are pros and cons to choosing a diesel engine, which means it might not be the right choice for everyone. 

Diesel Engine


Diesel engines typically have better fuel efficiency than gasoline engines. This can be appealing feature to drivers who know they will frequently be traveling long distances. Part of the reason for the better fuel efficiency is because diesel is more energy dense than gasoline, so it takes less fuel to go the same distance. The engine in a diesel truck usually lasts longer than a gas engine, too, because it needs sturdier parts to function. In addition to all this, diesel engines are often the safer choice for towing, which is why many truckers choose it.


It’s typically not all better with diesel engine, however. Often times diesel will cost more at the pump than regular gas. Along with this higher fill-up cost is higher repair and maintenance costs. The sturdy parts that keep a diesel engine running longer can also be more expensive to repair or replace than in gasoline powered cars. On top of this, diesel engine trucks typically cost more to buy than gasoline trucks.

Considering the pros and cons before buying a diesel engine truck can be a great way to simplify the decision and feel like you made an educated choice. Weighing the greater fuel efficiency and towing capacity against the higher upfront costs and cost of repair and maintenance can help you determine if investing in a diesel engine would be the best decision for your situation.

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