Ways to make your work environment more comfortable

If you are working in an office or have moved to work from home, then chances are you want to make the environment around you more comfortable. Conducive working environments can be directly linked to an increase in productivity, and given the need to rebuild the economy, this is in everyone’s interests.

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With the spotlight on climate change presently and due to remain in the public consciousness, the question of how to cool buildings in a “green” and sustainable way is becoming asked more and more. One thing is sure, the old standby of the air-con system will have to be rethought. They are very energy-hungry and can be deeply inefficient. One of the new ideas is to install or have in the original plans, some Brise Soleil like that from https://alusystems.uk. Brise Soleil creates natural shade for buildings.

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Foliage, once considered a scourge on a modern building, is also being considered. Trees and plants that enjoy direct sunlight can be employed to absorb heat. Trees are already being integrated into urban planning more and more. They provide a double win as they contribute to a reversal of deforestation and offer a more pleasing aesthetic vista in the city and town. Trees are excellent absorbs of heat, and given the amount that the world is set to rise by, this could well prove to be the best bet going forward.

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