BMX Bike Frame Measurements Easy Guideline

BMX Bike Frame Measurements

Here we tell you a lot about a lot of the stuff, the frame geometry, measurement, and many other things we have discussed details in this article.

Body Parts

BMS frame consists of the head tube, the top tube, the bottom tube, C tube. Got the bottom bracket, the seats stay the chain, stay dropout.

Now some of the little details of the seat stay brace. Some of the old school by UC has a little hole drill right here. That’s where they put the brakes and then you got the chain stay.

When you’re talking about the length and center of the head tube to the center of the seat tube, which is meant that typically flat Lander.

There, there are flatland frames. It’s going to be about 18 inches. So, a trail frame is going to be built a little bit longer.

It doesn’t really change the riding besides the sitting position. The next important thing is now I’m going into the importance of like the angle and there’s no really ordered I’m going in.

So, head tubes to me, a normal head tube is 75 degrees. Doesn’t look like anything different.

The bottom bracket and its height, whereas the bottom bracket height plays with you to me. I’m sure if you raise this or lower, it’s gonna feel different, but I don’t really care.

You know, rear end on his bike when he does that backward manual, he’s got so much forgiveness and so much room to pull back and go forward.

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Bottom Bracket

Height, the bottom bracket height. Let me take this thing down. So actually, it’s probably better. You guys see it over here.

They don’t, they don’t have a really high bond bracket. They have a higher bottom bracket because they’re doing a lot of those tech tricks that guys.

The length of the chain stay helps you with manuals that help you a wheelie that also helps you with it. If you have a real short rear end for you to bring it up to about this much.

Bunny hop or when you manually, it just takes a little bit less effort on a shorter one and it’s more responsive, more twitchy.

Another factor in the frame is you hear them talk about it. It’s a stand-over. So I don’t, that’s really not that important to a lot of people, but just in case, we’re just going to throw it in there.

They measure the C2 from the top of the bottom bracket to the top as the standard. I don’t know why they measure it like that, but it is what it is, but that’s the stand over.

You guys are coming here and going, I watch it over and over and I still can’t put the Sprocket on and I don’t understand what you know.


There is we have discussed details of BMX bike frame measurement. So, if you guys want to get more detailed info just follow our blog.

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