TOP10: The smartest animals in the world! There are neither dogs nor cats!

smart animal in the world

In the animal kingdom we can find all kinds of species with unique characteristics either by their way of life, their appearance, their skills or their behavior for example. Among them there are very intelligent animals with very curious cognitive or social skills and other very interesting abilities. Thanks to this they can solve problems, communicate with other species, adapt to other media …

Then we leave you a list of the 10 most intelligent animals in the world. What animals do you think will be part of this list? Discover them below!

1.The human 

The human being is the most intelligent species that exists, at least on Earth.

2. The chimpanzee 

The chimpanzee is the animal most similar to the human being. It has a high intellectual development: they use tools, they can hunt and collect food collectively (each member of the group assumes and develops a certain role), signs to communicate, have a sophisticated language and a large memory. In addition, they are able to use symbols and establish a meaning in relation to objects, as well as combine the symbols in a sequence to convey a complex idea.

3. The dolphin 

It is the most intelligent marine animal. Dolphins are very  social and form communities capable of solving all kinds of situations and problems. They have a sophisticated and developed language that allows them to communicate, they use tools and diverse strategies to capture prey or defend themselves from a danger and, as a curiosity, they practice sex for pleasure.

4. The Orangutan 

Orangutans use tools, solve problems, have a high communication development, form strong and close social ties that support entire communities and much more thanks to their cognitive abilities.

5. The elephant 

They have enormous capacities to memorize and remember. In addition, they clean their food when the intake of these can be dangerous and use tools in nature. There are many cases in which they have learned to follow orders by humans as a sign of understanding and compassion towards other smaller species, which is considered a very advanced form of intelligence.

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6. The crow 

Crows have unique communication methods and a large memory (they can remember people). They form strong and lasting social bonds, they have a highly developed language and they are capable of reasoning and solving all kinds of problems that arise.

7. The pig 

Pigs have a great capacity to adapt to all kinds of ecological conditions and survive, practically in all climates and ecosystems that exist. They are also able to observe and memorize situations and then use that knowledge in later situations.

8. The squirrel 

It is capable of retaining graphic information and has a relentless memory, as well as a great variety to perform tricks and develop fundamental strategies for both feeding and surviving. The way of gathering, storing and rationing foods with extreme intelligence to keep them supplied during times in which the weather becomes a powerful enemy draws attention.

9. The carrier pigeon 

Pigeons have intellectual abilities: they have a great ability to remember images, even years after having seen them, they can recognize themselves in a mirror and travel long distances if they are taught. Before all the technological revolution, they were very useful for messaging and communication at a distance.

10. The octopus 

The octopus is one of the most intelligent creatures of the sea that are known. With their arms they investigate, feel and recognize textures that they later remember to increase their chances of getting food. They are considered the most intelligent invertebrates in the world , they have a high degree of neurological development and a great capacity for learning. They also have extraordinary abilities to survive and adapt to the environment that allows them, for example, to unclog jars.

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