Summer is coming. Many of us are already thinking about what outfits we will debut, what makeup we will use and what colors of enamel we will buy to show the world our summer spirit. To show off a spectacular manicure (and that is durable), it is important that we maintain a good care of our nails. Here we leave you some tips so that your nails are healthy and ready to show off.

Always clean hands

If we want to have healthy nails, it is important that the skin around us is clean. So remember to bring a disinfectant with you and wash your hands when you get home while removing dirt under your nails.

Wetted and protected

It is important to keep our nails moist. You can buy some special moisturizer or make your own mask to take care of them. Complement this routine by buying a hand cream and you will get careful nails and soft hands. Do not forget to wear gloves when doing activities that require your hands to be in contact with chemicals, your nails will thank you!

Treat them with some treatment

A calcium gel or enamel that hardens your nails will make you feel the difference. Your nails, with time, will be stronger and, therefore, will break less. We assure you that they will look much better.

Cut them regularly

Especially if your nails are weak, it is important to keep them short to prevent them from breaking and mistreating. Cut them in a length that does not prevent you from doing your daily tasks normally so that you are comfortable.

Always clean your nail clippers

Any instrument that you use for your nails (like nail clipper, file, among others) must be clean to avoid the accumulation of bacteria that may affect your nails. For this you only need soap and water and a little alcohol to disinfect.

Cut, no. Push, yes

The cuticle protects our nail from bacteria and infections. In spite of that, many of us have the idea that the cuticle must be cut to have a good manicure, when it is the opposite. We recommend changing this habit and start pushing the nail cuticle instead of cutting it. You can use a special cuticle formula to avoid any abuse.

The base and top layer are a must

If you are fond of painting your nails, then you should always use a base layer and a top layer. Maybe it means that you spend more money on these products but, in the long term, your nails will thank you. The base layer will protect your nails from dying with the enamel you use while the top layer will seal the color. The best? Using both will help your manicure last much longer.

Care when removing the enamel

Many of us have the habit of removing the enamel with our own nails. However, we do not realize that by doing so, we can also be removing thin layers of our own nails. Therefore, it is always advisable to remove the enamel with a special remover without acetone.

Give your nails a break

We all love to show off our manicure but, from time to time, it is good to give a break to our nails and show them to the natural. That time will give your nails possibility to recover and rest. This step is important especially if you use acrylic nails or gel, since the chemicals used can damage your nails in the long term.

A balanced diet is the key

Improve the appearance of your nails with a balanced diet. Not only will your nails look better, but your health will improve. It is ideal to take vitamins or supplements that have vitamin E or biotin. If you are consistent with this regime, we assure you that you will soon notice a change in your lifestyle.

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