Ten keys to choose a refrigerator

Calculate the available space

The first step is to take the exact measurements of the place where the refrigerator will be located. Take into account that, between the equipment and the wall, it is advisable to leave a space greater than 30 centimeters.

Then, choose among the available formats. The “cold” ones have a freezer, but not a freezer. The “top mount” are the most traditional, with the freezer above and the refrigerator below.

In the “combi”, the order is reversed: they are in the refrigerator above the freezer. And finally the “side by side”, which are larger and have two vertical doors.

 Have energy savings

Refrigerators are the appliance that consumes the most energy in the home. Therefore, it is convenient to choose those that have “energy efficiency A”, which allows you to save up to 48% per year.

Other phrases to look for are “digital inverter” or “inverter motors”. They are compressors that allow an energy saving superior to that of conventional refrigerators.

 Calculate the capacity

Keep in mind who will use the refrigerator. If one or two people live in the house, it reaches a capacity of 250 liters. When they are going to include food for three or four people, those with more than 360 liters agree. In larger families, choose the 600 liters.

Check the type of gas

Prefer those with “R600a gas” . It is the most ecological. It does not damage the ozone layer and prevents global warming, which makes these refrigerators friendly to the environment.

 Minimize the loss of cold

It is another objective of the current refrigerators. To that end, an interesting function is the “vacation mode”, which keeps the freezing temperature at a minimum during the time we are not at home.

There are also teams with “intelligent conversion” . They are those that adapt to the lifestyle of the user as they have different modes, for example: daily, economic, holidays, party or minibar. They allow an energy saving, according to the chosen mode of use.

 Find an efficient freezer

The best quality freezer have 4 stars, which ensure that they work from -24 ° C to -30 ° C. They are followed by 3 stars, which can reach -18ºC. If the equipment has 1 or 2 stars, it is a freezer, not a freezer.

Avoid bacteria

Some refrigerators have an “antibacterial treatment” inside them, which prevents the formation of bacteria. It serves to protect food from harmful agents and to avoid unpleasant odors.

 Choose the cooling mode

“Cyclic” refrigerators are cheaper and maintain the natural humidity of food, so it is not necessary to cover them.

The “No Frost” avoid frost and do not need to be defrosted manually. Its cold is drier than in cyclicals, so some foods must be covered. While the “Neo Frost” are the most complete: they fulfill all the functions of the previous two.

Newer is the cooling system called “Twin Cooling Plus” . It works with independent airflows between the freezer and the refrigerator, doubles the storage time of the food and avoids the mixture of odors between the compartments.

 Look at the accessories

Door seals must be magnetic integrated, without screws, and wide. The insulation must be made of polyurethane foam. It is important that the shelves are easily adjustable in height.

There are models that come with water and ice dispensers. Also available in Argentina are interactive refrigerators that connect by cell phone and turn routine tasks into fun moments thanks to their innovative applications.

 Ask for advice

It is always advisable to ask an expert, to find the most suitable refrigerator for each family and customs.

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