10 tricks so that the heels do not destroy your feet

As Christian Louboutin put it, “heels are a painful pleasure”. Although the feet are not genetically designed to walk on high shoes and most of the time their use produces harmful consequences (pain, swelling, blisters or chafing), the truth is that thousands of women (including men) far and wide from the globe they fight daily with vertigo heels. Luckily, there are a number of tips and tricks that help reduce the discomfort of climbing the heights:

 ‘Sticks’ and ‘sprays’ antifriction

Apply sticks or antifriction sprays in the most problematic areas (such as the heel and the tip) before putting on the ‘killer heels’ will prevent chafing. These specific products create an invisible protective film on the skin that produces ‘medium effect’, preventing the shoe material from rubbing it directly.

To the freezer

Trick: fill two small plastic bags with water (for example, those for frozen foods), put them inside the shoes and store them in the freezer. The size of the bags will increase when the water solidifies and the shoes will give way. In addition, when you wear them your shape will adapt to your foot (with the added cold effect to improve circulation). Another variant is to replace the water bags with newspaper.

Pads and templates

It does not hurt to cushion our footsteps. For that, there are silicone insoles and pads that are placed on the front of the shoe (although there are also for the heel or for the entire foot) and relieve the pressure exerted in this area by the weight of our body.

Yoga for your feet

An American yoga teacher, Yamuna Zake , has developed a series of exercises designed to ‘improve the relationship’ between feet and heels. Those who practice them will enjoy better balance and suffer less when carrying them.


As an extreme alternative, surgery always remains. This is the least recommended trick, but the truth is that there is a type of operation in which fat is inserted into the heel of the foot (which is extracted from other areas of the body such as the belly) and that makes a permanent ‘cushion effect’ (at least until the fat is absorbed by the body and a new intervention is necessary). This surgical treatment is performed in one hour and only requires local anesthesia.

Better with platform

We have already learned from Letizia Ortiz and her ‘letizios’ (although these shoes already existed long before) that the best thing to gain height and hold the type is to opt for models with a rise in the front.

Choose medium height models

Obvious as it may seem, if instead of trying to fit a room of 13 centimeters optos by a lower height, the pain will decrease proportionally to the decrease in curvature to which the foot is subjected. Although  Manolo Blahnik , the best ambassador of Spanish footwear in the world, confessed that his favorite height is three centimeters (it is the so-called ‘Kitten heel’ or kitty heel he created), with choosing the size with which you feel comfortable will be enough. Wide heels are also more comfortable (and add a touch ‘pop’).

Exact number

It is essential to choose the right number when buying any type of footwear, but the task becomes essential when it comes to the heel models. If the shoe is a little too big, the foot will slide forward , causing pressure and pain on the toes (with blister included). In the case of sandals, it is advisable that they wear some kind of support (for example, ankle bracelet).

Slip proof

If the inhuman pain that certain heels produce, we add that the soles are slippery, the chaos is assured and the torture (to fight by pressing the foot to avoid falling) will be much greater. To avoid this, there are anti-slip stickers that are placed on the front of the sole. You can also resort to the remedy of the grandmother and make a series of cuts in this area of ​​the shoe with the help of scissors or a knife.

Spare shoes

It never hurts to have a plan B. It goes without saying that a pair of spare flat shoes in the car or purse can be the salvation to end up dancing barefoot and with black feet. Brands know this, and for that reason, different brands such as Pretty Ballerinas or Cocorose London sell folding dancers (with bag and everything) so you can carry them comfortably and use them in case of emergency.

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