For many women, it is essential to have a selection of black clothes in their closet. The dark tones are, without a doubt, those we turn to when we have wardrobe dilemmas and we do not want to lose elegance. Whether we wear tight jeans or a dress, we use black almost every day. But, why? Who made black the shadow that we like to use the most?

It was the Spaniards who gave the black its popularity. Formerly, black was a color reserved for the rich and privileged because it was difficult enough to keep a black garment without losing color. However, it was in Spain that a plant was discovered that, when used as a dye, provided a deep black color of high quality and longevity in the fabrics. This led to the black becoming increasingly popular and was the King of the time, Philip II, who gave impetus to this stream in order to increase the wealth of the country.

Kate Moss

This iconic fashionista and model knows perfectly how to wear short black dresses. In fact, it seems as if this type of dresses had become his personal signature, especially when combined with his other favorite accessory: the jacket with leopard print.

Kate never rejects the opportunity to wear a dress like this. According to certain reports, Kate has preferred this look for more than 18 years since debuting in 1999 with a short dress as a base accompanied by a bag with animal prints. Since then, he has concentrated on different variants of this same look in almost all important events, such as his 40-year birthday and various glamorous awards ceremonies.

But what has been your most iconic short black dress so far? It is said that the best was the one who wore on the 85th birthday of the famous Frank Sinatra in 1995, when he was accompanied by the once beautiful Johnny Deep. This dress, with bare shoulders and small feather ornaments, was so elegant that it could be used today without being considered as out of season. It is possible that that was the reason why Kate re-used the dress for the 1998 Cannes Film Festival and for Coty’s 100th birthday celebration in 2004. This versatility is what reveals the true beauty of black dresses shorts and the reason why so many women prefer them.

Angelina Jolie

As an actress, producer and philanthropist, Angelina Jolie is never far from the red carpet. Although an expert in dressing for first class events, Angelina is sometimes criticized for always choosing the safest option and for sticking to the shapes and styles that she knows will ensure her a good time on the red carpet.

Even so, in 2012 she overcame some limits when she wore a Versace Atelier black velvet dress. This strapless dress meant something daring because it had a large opening that let us see almost all of his right leg. By integrating a certain degree of daring to what would have been a simple routine catwalk on another occasion, Angelina caused her leg to be one of the main topics of conversation of that event. Apparently, Angelina’s leg has its own Twitter account and, it has more than 15,000 followers!

Many fans continued to create memes from Angelina’s leg and one thing was clear: Angelina knows how to spice things up in a short black dress.

Audrey Hepburn

Many people associate short black dresses with Audrey Hepburn. It could be said that the black dress used in the first Breakfast scene at Tiffany’s is one of the most emblematic in the history of cinema, it even has its own Wikipedia page!

Did you know that the dress of that movie was not the original? The original was created by Designer Givenchy, but when Audrey presented the two original copies of the dress to the Paramount producers she was told that they were too revealing, so the bottom of the dress had to be redesigned by Edith head.

As of today, the dress is still iconic. Created on the basis of Italian satin, and with the open back, the dress is very recognizable to the fans of the film. While the dresses used in the film are presumably destroyed, the original dress hand-worked by Givenchy is preserved in the archive. One of the copies submitted to the Paramount studios is currently on display at the Madrid Film Museum, while the other was auctioned in 2006. Although during the auction it was expected to raise between $ 50,000 and $70,000 for the dress, it was purchased for a value of $ 460,000. The money that was charged for it was earmarked for the construction of schools in Calcutta, India.

Victoria Beckham

During the 90’s, Victoria Beckham was in love with her short black dresses. Today, turned into a successful designer, she keeps a large amount of black clothes in her wardrobe.

Mrs. Beckham has not always been a representative of haute couture. Spice Girls fans were led to believe that the dress that Victoria used in the 1998 movie “Spiceworld” had been designed by Gucci. However, in 2014 the illusion ended when it was announced that the dress came from an ordinary casual clothing store.

Victoria left many memorable looks wearing the classic short black dress. In 1998 she was seen in a short black dress with a turtle neck, precisely the day she announced her commitment to David Beckham. Since then Victoria has used black dresses from various designers. Although of course, a look that has remained engraved in our memories is the dress she wore in 2012 during the concert she offered at the closing of the Olympic Games along with the Spice Girls. Her usual black dress, made by Giles, has been adapted with a small tail, proving that she is the true queen of short black dresses.

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