How Men Can Wear More Colour In Winter

How can guys brighten up a winter wardrobe to add a splash of colour that will add warmth and style? There are several secrets to looking good by adding the right sort of colours to your wardrobe that mix and match with your outfits and fit the seasons.

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Colour Harmony

It’s useful to understand a little bit about colour co-ordination and colour harmony to know what colours work well together. Winter is a time where it’s too easy to dress all in black. You might think it’s a cool look, but you’d be surprised how adding just a little splash of colour will liven up the outfit. Take this too far, however, and you might find you’ve added too many clashing colours that just don’t work at all.

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Match the Season

Once you’ve worked out which colours go well together, you need to determine which colours work well with the seasons. Summer is a time for light textures and pastel colours, whereas when winter comes, sumptuous rich colours and textures add a feeling of cosiness and warmth. Soft wools and cable knit sweaters in muted earthy tones such as grey, navy or dark green can add that subtle layer of colour to bring the outdoor look to city chic.

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What Styles to Go For

If you want to add texture, warmth and colour, try something like a mens single button shawl collar Aran sweater. These stylish ones at come in a range of earthy tones and are made from 100% luxurious soft merino wool, combining a chunky rugged appearance with a soft texture. The diamond and moss stitch patterns, distinctive to Aran sweaters, combine a timeless, traditional classic with the modern twist of the shawl neck and button. Look stylish with this great rugged outdoor look, dressing it up with a t-shirt and jeans, and complete the look with some sturdy footwear for that back-to-nature look.

The timeless appeal of the fishermen’s Aran sweater means that as a staple item for your winter wardrobe, this will add a layer to your outfit that will always look good. It’s a statement piece with its flattering fit and shawl neck, so you can be sure that it will complete your outfit with style, comfort and a subtle splash of colour.


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