An introduction to display advertising

Display advertising uses images and graphics to promote a service or product online. As the right imagery can instantly capture the attention of an intended audience, display advertising is a powerful tool that can help businesses to generate leads, drive sales, and boost brand awareness.
There are a number of display advertising tools that businesses can leverage when developing this element of their online advertising strategy, including the Google Display Network, which provides intelligent solutions to reach new people at various stages of the purchasing process and secure those all-important conversions.

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Are there different forms of display advertising?

Display advertising is generally placed on mobile apps, social media platforms and on websites to capture attention and encourage an intended audience to complete a pre-determined action, which may include clicking through to a website or purchasing a specific product/service.

There are several different forms of display advertising, including:

– Banner ads

Banner ads are the most common form of display advertising and are generally positioned at either the top or the bottom of a webpage. However, banner ads can come in a variety of different sizes and may include animations.

Animated HTML5 banners, examples of which can be seen here on The Bannermen website, can also contain interactive elements and may be even more successful at capturing the attention of an intended audience than static ads.

– Native ads

Native ads are specifically designed to fit in with the rest of the content on a particular webpage, which makes them less intrusive and may even look as though they form part of the page’s editorial content.

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– Skyscraper ads

Skyscraper ads are tall and narrow, which makes them ideal for placing on the side of a webpage. While they take up less webpage real estate, they are still designed to capture attention.

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