The Little Red Riding Hood Story

The story of a brave little girl who always wore a bright red cloak wherever she went, so the Villagers all called her “Little Red Riding Hood”.  The little girl lived with her mother in a small cottage and loved to go and visit her Grandmother in the woods not to far away.  One beautiful sunny day after playing happily in her garden the girl asked her mother if she could take a basket of goodies to her Grandmothers cottage.  The basket was packed with fresh bread, jams, fruit, cakes and a bottle of homemade lemonade and “Little Red Riding Hood” set off.

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Grandmother lived in a lovely little cottage with a thatched roof, dainty little windows, a sturdy front door and a warm cosy fire burning inside with curls of smoke escaping from the tall chimney high into the air. Her central heating and Boiler Installation Gloucestershire was provided by a company like

On the way to her Grandmothers cottage “Red Riding Hood” stops to pick flowers and is spotted by a big, bad wolf who asks her where she is going?  The little girl realises that he is up to no good and runs off to the safety of the cottage, the Wolf however takes a short cut and gets there first.  He puts Grandmother in the cupboard and dresses himself in her clothes. “When Red Riding Hood” sees the wolf sitting up in bed in her grandmother’s clothes she pretends not to realise that it’s him.  “What big ears you have” and “What big teeth you have” she says before shouting “HELP HELP” so loudly that a nearby woodcutter runs to help and cuts off the wolfs head.

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