The ultimate bending machine.

You might think that in our modern world bending machines are pretty much at the apex of what they can be. However, according to the show Futurama the future of Bending machines is that they will become a cigar smoking, Budweiser swilling  gambling “fembotaniser” called Bender.

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It’s unlikely that you’ll want your bending machines to act like that and if you are after a modern less badly behaved one then Click here for bending machines. The Bender in Futurama is not well behaved. He rebels against his programming and decides that he doesn’t want to be a bending machine. He meets the hero, Fry, who has also decided he does not want to be a delivery driver for the rest of his life. Both go on the run before realising that they can’t be bothered and give in.

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During his time on the show Bender has become a TV reality star, chef, Mobster, the living planet for a race of people that grow on him as he floats in space and becomes their “metal lord”. In one very memorable episode he goes on the road as a folk rock singer with Beck and plays the washboard whilst faking a disability.

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