Why you should always have a safety net of money

Most people will live from month to month spending what they earn and not putting any money back for a rainy day.  This might be by choice and they like to live on the edge or it might be because they simply don’t earn enough to get by and have to cut down on essentials and treats to get by.  We have a created a list of things that always pop up and cost money when you least expect them.  Don’t just burn cash, save it!

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We will start with a few of the things that crop up for everyone.

Car cost – Most people over the age of 18 tend to have a car now so they know with independence comes responsibility.  A car has many costs that crop up when we least expect it. We will always need to make sure the MOT is done every year as this a legal requirement and gives you peace of mind.  The other cost is Road Tax, which depending on the size of car and fuel efficiency will depend on cost. You can do this over 6 months or 12 months depending on what you can afford. After that you will have petrol costs, which keep rising, tyre replacement, exhaust, engine, windows… etc.

Heating – The heating in our house can be a nightmare to keep running, especially when we don’t use it during the summer and then over use it in the winter.  This can cause problems and potentially it might break, in which case you will need to get a Boiler repairs Gloucester company at links like https://redbridgeandsons.co.uk/heating-systems-gloucestershire/boiler-repairs-gloucester to come and have a look and give you an expert opinion on what needs to be done.  It might be the boiler or it might be the radiators that are causing the issue.  It is important to get this working to its full potential again as come winter most homes will start to feel the cold.  So if you have a pot of money somewhere the cost can come from there instead of your monthly income which is already stretched.

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Children – If you have children or a child is on the way you will know how much money it costs to get all the equipment needed to prepare your house.  Even just a Pushchair can set you back up to one thousand pounds, then there is a cot, nappies, wipes, toys, bottles and so on.  Your food bills will go up when they start eating solids so keeping a little money back while you can afford to makes a lot of sense.

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