How to repair water damage to your phone

We have all had near misses with our mobile phones and water and more often than not this occurs after dropping them in a puddle, a sink or dare we say down the toilet. Water and electronics are not a good mix and mobile phones especially do not like to be in contact with large volumes of water for long periods of time. Touch screens can even become a tad temperamental if you try using them in the rain!

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The best way to keep your phone safe from water is to use a cover and screen protector and the Vodafone Sligo company such as that you bought your phone from will be able to recommend those that are best for your model of mobile phone. If you do find yourself in the unfortunate situation of dropping your phone in the water here are some quick steps you can take.

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  • Remove it from the water as soon as possible and remove any covers that are on the phone
  • Grab a dry microfibre cloth and wipe it dry and clean of any water and residue
  • If you can, remove the battery and the sim card and dry these out as well.
  • Leave the phone standing upright to encourage water to come out of any internal areas.

You should never put your phone in the microwave or use a hairdryer to try and dry it out as these will cause irreparable damage to your phone and can cause fires to start.

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