Three Ways that you can Easily Make your Business More Environmentally Friendly

In the UK, businesses contribute to a significant proportion of the waste and CO2 emissions. This means that it is the responsibility of businesses to make an effort to reduce their impact on the environment, and to come up with ways to be a greener organisation.

This can seem to be a daunting challenge, but it certainly doesn’t have to be and in fact can make the business more successful and help you to save money. It is a crucial part in ensuring that we have a happy and sustainable future.

If you are trying to think of some of the things that you can do as a business to improve your green credentials, here are some of the things that you can implement easily…

Reduce your Paper Use – In this digital time, it is easier to reduce how much paper we use. As well as saving money on all that paper that you buy, going paperless is a really good way to go green as a business too. Look at the ways that you use paper and consider a digital alternative. For example, could you send around an email before a meeting rather than printing out a paper handout? Do you need to print out invoices and post them to customers, or can they be sent via email? Do you have delivery drivers who are using paper dispatch notes, that could be replaced with digital copies? These are all things that you can look at to help reduce the use of paper in your office.

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A Business Recycling Scheme – Bringing in a recycling scheme is a great way to not only make your business greener but can also save you a lot of time and encourage a stronger team mentality. Landfill taxes are always going up, so the more that you keep away from landfill the more you will save. There are lots of things that can be recycled and re-used, such as paper and cardboard. Look at the waste products that you produce as a company and find out ways to recycle them, for example, like this polystyrene recycling company Getting staff to set up a recycling team will also foster stronger teamworking skills and a positive work ethic.

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Use Greener Energy – Energy use is one of the biggest implications when it comes to climate change, so look into better ways to power your business. For example, you could generate your own energy in a much more environmentally friendly way by using solar power. Having panels that will generate energy from solar power put on to your roof is a fantastic way to ensure that the energy that you are using comes from a much more eco-friendly source, and of course is a very good way to reduce your bills and save you money as a business.

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