What to wear to an interview

Interviews can be incredibly stressful moments in our lives, especially if you really want the job you have applied for. Whilst it is difficult to plan what is going to happen in the interview you can look at some interview questions and prepare them, as well as planning what you are going to wear.

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It is important that you are smart when you attend an interview, even if you have applied for a part time shop job. This will give the interviewers an indication that you are serious about working for their company as well as taking pride in your appearance. You should make sure that you also feel comfortable and you can take the opportunity to reflect your own personality in your clothing choice by perhaps wearing the XV Kings Shoes that you bought from Louis Boyd, or wearing a colourful tie or scarf.

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When it comes to finding accessories to go with your clothing choices it is important that you think about whether they are going to become a distraction. If you find that you play with your necklace or bracelet when you are nervous it is probably best that you don’t wear them.

You should think about the role that you are applying for before deciding whether you are going to wear a full suit and consider if you are going to be comfortable. You can still dress smartly in a nice shirt and formal pair of trousers, without the need for a suit jacket.

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