Your brand: how to choose the name of your company

The name you choose will be like the face of your company and will mark all the actions you take. Surely you’ve heard about branding and naming .Branding is the process by which a brand is built, a corporate identity is developed and the business is launched to the market . The key is to convey the message you want.

For the process of building a brand is essential to develop a good online and offline marketing plan and the first step is the choice of the name of your brand ( naming ).

Naming: 10 keys to make the best choice

The process of choosing the name is key and, probably, you will only carry it out once in the life of your company, so get going and follow the following keys.

Invest as much time as necessary

Choosing the name of your company is not a question of fifteen minutes or two hours, you will need time to find the name with which you identify and with which your company can transmit your message correctly.

Use tools to search for names

To inspire you can use tools such as ” Shopify “, ” NameMesh ” or ” Worodid “. They will suggest fun combinations that may give you ideas.

Choose a name that transmits the values ​​of your company

Your company has certain values ​​(seriousness, commitment or quality, for example) that you will have to transmit through the name you choose.

Use a brainstorm

Gather your team and let everyone contribute ideas. Forget self-censorship and let creativity flow freely. Write all the ideas on a board and make a vote . If you do not have a team yet, check with friends and acquaintances to know their opinion.

Check that the name sounds good

Pronounce the name of your company out loud to see how it sounds. Avoid cacophonies (repetitions of sounds) or problems when pronouncing. When your brand is mentioned in the media or in conversations, the name must be clearly stated .

Bet on a suggestive name

Anyone who hears the name of your company should know what you want to suggest. Think of brands like Dior or Loewe, suggest luxury and quality.

Choose a short name

Avoid long names that are difficult to remember and choose a name of a single word or two: Coca Cola, Google, Facebook, are some examples.

Do you have a story to tell? Take advantage of it

If your company has a curious story, use it for the name. For example, the web of “” was created when the mother of the founder named her when she said “The is already here”.

Your name can be related to your activity

It is advisable that your name is descriptive in relation to the activity you do. Some examples in this sense are: Vueling (to fly) or Yoigo (to listen, to speak by telephone).

Check that the name is available

To do so, you can use the website of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office . Enter the name you want to use and check if it is available.

The cost of registering a brand in Spain is quite affordable if you do it yourself and also offer you a discount of 15% if you do the procedure electronically. Currently rates are $ 144.58 if you request the first class and $93 if you ask for a second brand.

It is equally important that you register the domain as soon as possible to consolidate your presence on the internet and create your own identity. Many companies in the process of creation have had to change their name because the domain was not available.

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