Your will could lead to disputes

It can be a very emotional time when it comes to wills and the legal world. In the UK, there are still a shocking number of people who do not have a will. This can cause their families to be in financial and emotional turmoil as they deal with probate.

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A will can ensure that all of your assets, your estate and anything else you consider important are passed on to your loved ones. It is incredibly important to ensure that you create a will by using a trusted professional such as a Family Law Gloucester firm like It is important to ensure that your will is legally filed and is valid. There has also been an increase in people disputing wills after a deceased person’s death.

If a beneficiary or family member of the will feels that the financial provision made by the will is not adequate, they can dispute the will. In 1975, the Act entitled Under the Inheritance Act (Provision for Families and Dependents), allowed certain individuals to contest the details of a will when it did not provide them with adequate financial gain. Over 150 people have brought cases before the High Court of London in the past few years, indicating that this act is being used more often.

There are many reasons why dispute claims may be increasing every year. Some of these include the fact we live longer, which means people change their minds in later years. This can sometimes lead to concern that they may have been persuaded to make certain requests by someone else or that they are not as mentally capable as they used to be at a younger stage.

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The price of houses we live in is also increasing dramatically. The amount of money you can leave to an individual is much more than 50 years ago. It can cause disputes between individuals who believe they are not fairly represented in a will. The dynamics of many families has changed dramatically in recent years. Some people have children from multiple relationships. This can lead to tense scenarios when children feel they have been left out.

You should consult a professional to write your will. They will guide you through the common scenarios, and prevent future disputes in your family.

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