Crochet ideas for yarn scraps

If you are a crochet enthusiast, you may have leftover wool lying around your home. If you are struggling to think of a use for these yarn scraps, you can try some of the simple crochet ideas below.
Amigurumi figures

Leftover yarn strands are great for making cute amigurumi figures. From miniature farm animals to bright fruit and flowers, these tiny creatures make wonderful gifts for your loved ones.

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Boho blanket

If you have assorted colours of leftover yarn, use these strands to make a unique blanket. The blend of shades and textures creates a fun, bohemian effect. You can find crochet kits that match your blanket’s colour scheme at retailers such as

Fashion accessories

According to Forbes, creative projects can aid physical and mental health. Longer crochet projects such as scarves, bags or gloves can be a fun way to wind down and keep you relaxed. Use your leftover yarn to try creative colour combinations or try different stitches to give your wardrobe a new lease of life.


You can turn your leftover yarn strands into pretty bookmarks. These markers make great gifts for reading enthusiasts, especially if you put thought into your chosen design.

Pom poms and tassels

Use leftover yarn from crochet kits to create pom poms or tassels. You can add these decorations to keychains, hats, and scarves. Large pom poms also look great as home décor, but make sure the shades match your home’s colour scheme.

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Yarn scraps are perfect for making coasters for your home. You could opt for a classic circular piece or try a complex geometric shape. Crochet coasters will save your surfaces from stains and look great as unique decorative pieces.

Don’t throw leftover crochet yarn away; instead, reduce waste and explore your creativity.

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