Enjoy the most incredible waterfalls in the world

One of the most impressive natural spectacles that we can admire are the great waterfalls. There are many scattered throughout the world, but let’s talk about three that will leave you breathless. We take a tour of the most incredible waterfalls in the world .

Some of them have easy access , in many cases artificially created to enjoy these extraordinary panoramas. But others have a difficult access, which make this trip even more exciting.

We will visit the impressive waterfalls of Iguazu. We will make another stop on our American tour to travel to the United States and visit the Niagara Falls. We will fly later to the Indian subcontinent to finish our tour near the Himalayas, in India, at the Jung Falls. Are you coming?

1. Iguazu Falls 

They are located between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, in the Iguazu National Park. The most spectacular entrance to visit them you will find from Argentina. They are 17 kilometers at the mouth of the river and consist of 275 waterfalls , lined horseshoe.

The views from the viewpoints are impressive. But also the image from the base of the falls impresses  everyone who comes to contemplate them. With its eternal rainbow and its mist, there are no words that describe this experience of approaching these brute forces of nature.

They are considered one of the seven wonders of the natural world .  In Iguazu you can make three-day routes. The tour starts walking from the northern part of the falls. And there are walkways and viewpoints perfectly located so you can get as far as possible in the waterfalls.

The tour leads to the final point, the Garganta del Diablo . It is the most spectacular waterfall of all, with 80 meters of height. The water falls with such force that it is impossible to distinguish the background, and the sound is so thunderous that it is not possible to hear anything else around you.

On the other hand, we especially recommend the boat trip . It allows you to enjoy this show from the base of the falls, as well as crossing some of them below. You will get wet, you will scream and you will be scared, but the experience will be worth the pain.

2. Niagara Falls 

Without a doubt, another of the most incredible waterfalls in the world. Archiconocida thanks to film and television , this fall of water never disappoints.

The access is quite easy , which makes this visit a valid experience for almost all ages and physical conditions. The most commercial option available from Europe is the visit of these waterfalls from the part located in the state of New York.

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There are different ways to visit them and enjoy the water and its breathtaking views. You can do from tours by helicopter to boat trips . The best known is the Made of the Mist, which for a century has been the most usual way to visit these waterfalls.

It has even enabled a walk , the Journey behind the Falls, which leads to an underground facility that will take you behind the curtain of water. Awesome.

3. Jung Falls 

They are located in Arunachal Pradesh, the easternmost state of the Indian subcontinent . They are known by various names: Bong Bong, Jang or Nuranang waterfalls. But the name by which they are known worldwide has its origin in the neighboring city of de Jung.

They have a fall of 100 meters high , and show a scenic beauty hardly equal. In addition, in them you will discover all the green tones imaginable. But the real thrill will be found at the base of the falls, where the sound of water is shocking.

Any time is good to visit the Jung Falls , although the locals say that in the monsoon season the visit exceeds any expectations . A visit to one of the most incredible waterfalls in the world with the backdrop of the Himalayas is probably one of the most audacious experiences for a traveler.

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