10 tips to make smart purchases in sales season

End of winter, times of sales. In times of  sales , how can you say no at the right prices? Undoubtedly, end-of-season discounts are the time to take advantage of the versatile garments that save us on any occasion and that we know will be smart purchases. To help you in your purchases, it gives us 10  tips  to invest with more desire in worthwhile garments, basic for any wardrobe.

 Boot season 

Black is a basic for any closet. And the  boots , too. Investing in a pair of quality boots with a convenient price is always a good idea. The black boots do not go out of fashion and give a refined look to any look. Try  booties with platform  or a more classic version of  high cane . Assured success!

 Flower Power 

Another   timeless hit are the floral prints. Winter, spring and autumn, a  trouser  or a  floral jacket  can change the air of your office outfit, or just give a happy touch to your combinations.

 Timeless Wallets 

If you are looking for good investments, finding a  portfolio  that lasts several seasons is more than a good decision. Whether it’s a   classic Kate Spade or an  over  pastel Mammoth , you’ll be able to sleep peacefully that your purchase was smart.

Winter dresses 

Tired of the same pants and the same shirt? If this is your case and you think you could give your looks a more distinguished look, why not invest in a  winter dress ? These dress options,  Yumi  and  BCBG , are sure to last several seasons for their classic and refined airs.

Fever of accessories 

Another smart option to buy during sales are the  accessories . Metallized in  gold , like these  rings  or  bracelet  of Nova Accessories are a must of all season and hardly go out of style. It’s time to satisfy your golden fever!

High Life 

Of all the shoes, the  stilettos  are the most elegant. Versatile, comfortable, refined and classic, they are an excellent option to buy during sales. Whether it’s a  wide cue  in beige or a cue stick  in eternal black, there’s no way to miss it!

 Holiday spirit 

Take advantage of the sale times to find a unique dress to complete your party wardrobe. The next event you have, you will not be stressed with what to wear. These options of  Custo Barcelona  are original and at the same time timeless, perfect to be considered a good investment.

Tic, tac, sale 

When it comes to investments, a watch is always a good option. Why? They are timeless, they do not go out of style, they complement your look and, for being objects of value, getting them on sale is very convenient. Find your best option, like these sports style of the Italian brand  O’Clock .

Dress in layers 

A winter infaltable, the  cardigans  harbor with style, of that there is no doubt. Buying a classic cardigan in SALE is a key decision, like one in  black from Lacoste  or one in  striped sailors from Aroa . Ready for next winter!

Sporty chic 

The  sports trend is  still going strong. It is comfortable, practical and cool. You can take advantage of the sales to buy a pair of   refined and versatile sneakers , ideal for a casual Sunday, or invest in a  sports jacket  that will give that relaxed air to any look of winter.

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