10 tips to learn to have less clothes

The ideal would be to have a closet in which only the essential is , which is practical and we spend so much to use, without clothes piled up. The frequent thing is that the clothes that we wear often live with the ones we use once and never again, or worse, with which we do not even release. They are abandoned there, reminding us that we made a bad choice. Dedicating a little strategy to our wardrobe can be a very useful exercise to look at ourselves as consumers, and learn not to fall again and again into the same pitfalls that make us have a lot and, despite that, We feel that we have nothing to put on.

The advices

Admit that we have more than we need

We all have clothes that are constantly in circulation, clothes we have for special occasions and clothes that do not leave the perimeter of the closet for a year or more. There are clothes that, as we look good, we usually buy it again and again; many times without realizing it.

Separate by type of clothes all your closet and everything you have duplicated (or tripled!); file it until you spend what you decide to leave in use. Honoring this is a big step to realize that there is no need to have a closet squeezed if we always use the same.

From what you put together in the “I used it once and never again” or “I never used it” pile, you have to identify abandoned garments and accessories and find them an error pattern to clarify once and for all what will be a good purchase in the future and which one we should not repeat again.

Buy only what we need (or not buy!)

To have less you have to deal with an almost golden rule that is not to go into stores to see what they have but only when we have a concrete need.

The garments that are bought for an occasion of determined use, will be garments that yes they are going to render to us in the time. When one buys without an agenda, it is exceeded.

If you went for a walk and fell into temptation and you went in anyway to see what was there and you found yourself about to go to the cashier to pay, stop. Come back another day to test your desire, it is likely that you will not come back, and if you come back, it is because although you have a need that was not there before, you may have a new favorite that will occupy a privileged place in your closet.

 Stick to the classics

A good quality white shirt is one of the essentials that is worth having A good quality white shirt is one of the essentials .

Neutral colors are the best allies because they survive fashions and are a safe bet. Black, white, gray, brown (in its different shades up to beige) and dark blue, are a basic and ideal palette of wardrobe background to have a combinable wardrobe and classic and also, reduced. Of course adding some color or an animal print that we like serves to get out of the monotony.

Choose quality over quantity

It seems obvious but many people do not know which fabrics or materials will be durable over time and which do not, they also do not know about their properties and even more, they do not even look at the composition label.

There are clothes or shoes that are visually very attractive but when we want to use them, for some strange reason, they never conform to what we need.

Knowing the genres of clothing can be a great help to choose quality instead of quantity Knowing the genres of clothing can be a great help to choose quality instead of quantity

 Refrain from buying for a considerable time and establish a limited budget

If you are one of those who go out to buy often, set a deadline that you feel it will cost you to comply and fulfill; Take advantage while using everything that is stuck in the closet, with nothing or very little use, or discard it forever. But hold on, you’re going to take the habit and go to finally enjoy what you already have.

Run away from the offers

Do not be tempted by offers or discounts from banks, you end up buying things just because you want to “take advantage” but you end up buying things that you do not need, and worse, you’ll take the discard that business did not sell to anyone.

 Put the mail box in order

Unsubscribe from all the mails of brands that warn you of offers, they will push you to consume if they catch you weak of will.

Buy according to what you already have

Do not buy never thinking that you’re going to see how you combine it, do not buy a size less because you’re going to lose that extra kilo, the “motivational” clothes far from motivating us generate guilt: let alone buy if it’s a garment that has impossible washing instructions such as dry cleaning for, for example, a garment for everyday use. Do not buy to dress in scenarios that do not happen almost never. Keep it real.

 Find your style

It is very likely that you already know what suits you and what kind of clothes, once you put it on, makes you forget that you have it on. Look for silhouettes that favor you and make you feel good with yourself.

 Do accounts

We waste a lot of money on things just in case. Do the account in hours of your life that you use to buy something and if you keep closing what you want to buy, it is probably a good purchase.

There is a very useful method that is the “cost per use”. If you want to buy a thousand, divided that amount by a realistic amount of times you think you’re going to use it. If it is one, think about it a thousand times. And do not buy it.

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