8 tips to implement a 3.0 real estate marketing plan

Unlike the original marketing or 1.0, which put the focus on the product (the great P of the 4Ps), marketing 3.0 has turned its attention to customers, addressing their values ​​and social concerns, and addressing them not as mere consumers but as the complex and multidimensional human beings that truly are. Customers, on the other hand, are choosing companies and products that meet their deep needs for participation, creativity, community and idealism.

Marketing 3.0 touches all sectors, and real estate is no exception. The real estate industry must provide a service and build a culture that includes and reflects the values ​​of customers, since they are well aware of what is happening around them and often trust more in the opinion and recommendations of their contacts than in those of the experts. This presents an important challenge and pushes companies to modify existing strategies in order to demonstrate to the client their relevance and corporate philosophy.

How to guide the strategy of your real estate towards marketing 3.0? Here are some tips:

01.Focus on your customers and recognize the value of your competitors . Marketing 3.0 is based on connecting with clients through functional, emotional and spiritual aspects, creating communities and establishing a fluid and continuous communication, a permanent dialogue. Listen to both the owner and the potential buyer / tenant: learn from their needs, objectives and limitations to be able to give them the right answers. Try to understand the solutions and actions of your competition; that push you to be better.

02. Designate a marketing day. If you want your business to be successful, you need to take the time to take care of it. You must have a clear growth marketing plan to be able to expand your business. A good idea may be the designation of a marketing day, which simply involves choosing a day of the week to spend at least a couple of hours applying new strategies or looking for new opportunities that might otherwise be lost in the daily routine of work.

03. Identify your market target and focus on it. Many real estate companies fall into the trap of working to expand their territory without taking into account the real customer base they are serving. To improve your marketing efforts significantly, we recommend you look at your most profitable niche customers and, based on those observations, create a marketing plan designed specifically for these people. Covering more than the account can often be counterproductive. The best way to attract new businesses is to focus on capturing prospects in the area where you are already known, and not to compete in other areas where different real estate companies are already established.

04. Design a plan for success. To be really successful, it is necessary to plan thinking in the big picture: start aiming at a small portion of the market and then reach the domination of it, or at least a place among the main players, in a certain period. Having a good knowledge of your market and your target customer base will allow you to create business when other real estate agents are sitting in the office waiting for the phone to ring. It is necessary to adopt a “no barriers or limits” approach to the marketing of your business to prospects and the community.

05. Avoid fame going to your head. Try not to fall into the trap of wanting “your name to be everywhere”. Of course, the goal is for your real estate business to grow and be consecrated in your community, but for that you need to act intelligently and with patience. Do not waste time looking for fame and recognition in the short term; focus on the creation of transactions that generate income for you and your business. The sooner you change your mentality and start thinking about the financial consequences of your decisions, the greater the success of your real estate.Marketing-3.0

06. Exploit your Internet presence to the maximum. Although most real estate agencies have a certain presence on the web, many of them still display simplistic and unattractive designs that do not present the modern and professional appearance necessary to stand out. In the era of technology, it is essential that, as a real estate agent, you improve your online marketing strategy by creating a strong web presence. For that it is necessary to have a responsive website, accessible from all mobile devices, with striking colors and a design that builds brand identity. The page should explain to clients the benefits of working with the real estate in question and provide an easy and quick way for interested parties to get in touch with your company. Also, to show you accessible and increase interaction with your customers, You must be on social networks and provide relevant content. Internet is one of the biggest and easiest marketing opportunities to manage for your real estate business. Get the most out of it!

07. Protect your reputation and your image, and create an identity . Take the time to build a digital identity, an image and a reputation, and then be able to rely on them when managing your business. Customize the deal with customers; People prefer to relate to people who solve problems, not brands. Take care of the forms and always be attentive to the needs of the client.

08. Strengthen ties  with customers as always . While all marketing actions are primarily aimed at attracting potential buyers / tenants, you should not forget your usual customers. The loyalty exercise never ends: you must keep the conversation and the relationship with the client alive to increase your loyalty and get them to recommend your services to their acquaintances. Participate in events, communicate through social networks, give them benefits and make them feel part of the community of your company whenever possible.

In the era of the creative and participative society, each individual seeks to be innovative and values ​​the creativity of the people and companies that provide services, being more likely to react to dynamic proposals based on the values ​​they share. Real estate companies, therefore, must demonstrate their relevance in terms of basic values: if you manage to share the essential principles with your stakeholders, there is a high probability that they will become your new clients.

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