The disastrous inventions of Professor Frink

One of the most consistently funny fringe characters in the Simpson is that of Professor Frink. Voiced by the talented Hank Azaria, Professor Frink often turns up with some crazy Heath-Robinson, Modernity Science fiction creation that is clearly doomed to failure or will cause a worldwide disaster if it is ever unleashed on the citizens of Springfield. For example when there is a spate of house break-ins Frink designs the “Run Away Home”. If any one attempts to gain access the house sprouts legs and runs away off down the street. Frinks demonstration model then totters over and catches fire. It doesn’t put people off as later on Bart watches someones house run down the street, fall over and catch fire. A much better idea would be to look at Home Automation Company and can help with that. Let’s take a look at the Professors other crazy inventions.

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  1. Deathray. Basically a low powered laser. Frink askes Grampa Simpson to invest in it. An angry Grampa points out   he only wants projects to help people to which Frink replies “Well, uh, the Deathray only has destructive implications. Huh, you know my wife will be pleased; she’s been against this whole Deathray idea since day one!”
  2. Frinkosonic MHV. A family car that is powered by a supersonic rocket mounted on the roof. The only problem is that the brakes can’t stop it when it’s up to full power.
  3. Hamburger Earmuffs. Whilst serving no apparent practical use the Hamburger Earmuffs are revealed after Homer laughs at Frink’s suggestion that any two separate things together can make an invention. “Oh yeah! What about Hamburger Earmuffs!?” shouts Homer. Frink shows he’s already made some annoying Homer whose own attempts stalled at the “pickle matrix”.
  4. Hoverbike. Frink tries to use this to escape from an angry mob. Bart is annoyed as he wanted to use it to wreck some wet cement only to find it just hovers above not touching it.
  5. The Sarcasm Detector. After the Comic Book Guy states “Oh yeah, everyone’s real happy then”. No one seems able to detect if he’s being sarcastic. Frink uses the machine to confirm it saying that his never seen readings as high as this before only for the Comic Book Guy to say a sentence so sarcastic it cause the Machine to explode.

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  1. Gamble-Tron 2000. Sometimes even Frink would lose it with his inventions. The Gamble-Tron 2000’s only prediction was that the Cincinnati Bengals would win a game by 200 points. Frink realises this is ridiculous and sets about kicking it calling a “worthless hunk of junk”.

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