Enjoying the BBC Prom Season.

When it comes to enjoying some of the best musical talent that this country and the world has to offer one of the best places to see this is on the televised performances of the BBC Proms from July to September each year. Be sure to test your TV aerial and ensure that it is in full working order as you will not want to miss some of the delights that these concerts bring. If you have problems with your aerial then it is worth contacting a TV Aerial Installation Swansea company or one in your location to help with any issues that you have.

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The BBC Proms have a long history having first been established over a hundred years ago in 1895. They were originally the realm of the wealthy and very few people could afford to attend the concerts. Most people could only enjoy this type of music whilst they were walking through the likes of the London parks where orchestras would play in the bandstands in the parks. These were known as promenade concerts. It was Robert Newman who took this idea and developed it further. He wanted to see the everyday person able to see and hear the delights of music in theatres and halls without having to cost them a lot of money. His idea was to provide standing spaces for the everyday person and then seated areas for those who could afford to pay more for a ticket. He contacted a young conductor he knew called Henry Wood and asked him to be the Proms conductor and Dr Cathcart gave the two men the money to bring together an orchestra of musicians. It was on the 10th August 1895 that the first Promenade Concert was held in the Queen’s Hall, the price of standing ticket was just 1 shilling. The popularity of this grew over night and Wood continued to conduct the orchestra up until his death in 1944, and he took the decision in 1913 to b the first English conductor to actively allow women to play in his orchestra.

It was in 1927 that the BBC started to fund the Proms and the Radio broadcast began soon after and in 1930 the BBC Symphony Orchestra was established and they played at most of the concerts. After the Queen’s Hall was destroyed during bombings in the Second World War in 1941 the proms were moved to the Royal Albert Hall where they have remained until this day.

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The Last Night of the Proms has become an incredible event with concerts not only taking place at the Albert Hall but also in outdoor venues across the country and millions of people will for at least that one night enjoy some incredible music by amazing talented musicians and orchestras.

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