How To Maintain an Elevator

If you own a building or manage a building with an elevator, it is up to you to ensure it keeps running safely. This requires regular elevator maintenance.

You must ensure that your elevator is safe for users and will not pose any type of hazard to them. You should fix breakdowns as soon as possible, but the best way to prevent them is with maintenance.

Secure a Contract

The first thing that you want to do, according to The Cooperator, is to secure a maintenance contract. Make sure to choose the company carefully. You want to ensure that the company offers elevator construction safety training and proper maintenance and care training for the elevator that you have in your building.

Also, make sure that the contract covers all your needs. It should be a comprehensive service so that you don’t have to hire another company to handle one or two tasks. You want to make sure maintenance duties include lubrication, adjustments, and cleaning. One last thing is to be sure they offer 24/7 service for emergency calls.

Know Your Elevator

You should also make sure that you understand a little about your elevator. Become familiar with the brand and model. Know what the routine maintenance tasks are. Understand the life span of the elevator. Most have a life span of 25 to 30 years. If your elevator is getting close to that in age, you should expect more maintenance and repair needs. You can also begin to plan for replacement.

Know normal operating sounds and pay attention to reports of odd sounds. Check them out right away and call your maintenance crew if you think something is wrong.

Keep It Running

People in your building will get highly agitated if they see an out of order elevator more often than not. Keeping it up and running is essential to keeping everyone happy. So, make sure you handle maintenance carefully.

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