What to do with an old garage door.

Have you ever looked at your garage door and thought, “Well, that’s going to need replacing”? The answer to that is most probably yes, but whilst a Garage Door Repair company can sort out any issues and advise on a new one if necessary, the question of what to do with the old one might not have entered into your head. The most likely answer that you’ll come up with it is to take it down the tip pretty quickly but that’s a shame as you might suddenly have a large piece of metal, wood or toughened plastic left over that you might be able to put too much better use. People have been incredibly creative with the uses for their old garage doors. Here are some examples.

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In the garden; if you have an old wooden door then you really are in luck. The chances are it’s been treated down through the years and is probably still riding on the back of a considerable amount of wood protection paint and preserver. A metal one might need more cutting but as long as they still have a covering of anti-rust paint they can also be used.  This makes it the ideal material for building garden storage items with such as

  • A garden frame for the storage of propagators.
  • Cutting the parts into planks to make a raised bed.
  • A nice square composting bin.
  • Using the whole shape as a high fence or using the wood to replace missing fence sections.
  • A chicken coop with the addition of some chicken wire.

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You don’t have to go use it just for practical things. If you have a tree, then you may be able to fashion a tree house out of what’s there or even a Wendy house for the kids.

Less practical uses, but nevertheless important are;

  • As a projection screen. You will need a relatively flat one for this, but they do make a nice large area to use.
  • As a display cabinet. Cut out the middle sections and replace with Plexiglas or chicken wire and you have a nice display case.
  • They can also make excellent frames for pictures. At least you can cut it to your own proscribed dimensions rather than relying on a frame maker.

It’s your old door so don’t dump it, be creative.

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