Make Sure That your Driving Position is Right for You

When you are learning to drive there are all sorts of things that you need to learn before you can take your test and get out there on your own. From how to operate a car safely, to what things like these chapter 8 chevrons mean on the roads, and how to make sure you are using the roads safely.

The more practice you have with your instructor the safer you will be, but something that many people overlook is how you sit and what a difference it makes. The way that you position yourself when you are driving can not only help you ensure you don’t suffer from back or neck problems but can also help to protect you in the result of an accident.

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Firstly, think about your spine. This part of you is at risk during an emergency brake and more so if you don’t have the correct position. Some modern cars have lumbar support, but if yours doesn’t, a pillow at the base of the spine helps with this.

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When you are a new driver, you will understandably be nervous, and this can cause you to sit forward so that you are hunched over the steering wheel. However, this is terrible for posture and can result in problems, so try to sit as far back in the seat as you can and lean back into the seat for support.

You also need to think about where your legs are. You don’t want the legs to have to be stretched too far from the pedals. The general rule to check this is that if you can fit more than 2 – 3 fingers under your knees and between the seat edge then you are sitting too far away from the pedals and you need to move your seat closer. When you do this, make sure that you are sat correctly with the base of your spine at the back of the seat.

You should also think about the position of your head and neck. You need to have good visibility so don’t have your head too far back but tilt the seat back a little as this relieves pressure on the back. You also need to make sure that your headrest is adjusted to the right position, as if there is an accident this can reduce whiplash injuries. The top of the headrest should be positioned between the top of your ears and the top of your head.

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