Creative events that bring communities together

Events that promote collaboration and a sense of belonging can bring communities together. Fun for couples, families and older people who live on their own, let’s take a look at some events you could organise.

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Set up an art fair in a church or hall

You could host an art fair that showcases the talent within the local community. This can include visual arts, crafts, and performances by musicians. It is an excellent way for artists to gain exposure.

Enjoy a summer outdoor film night

Hire a large screen, set it up in a local park, and host an outdoor movie night. Invite people to bring blankets and snacks for a cosy evening under the stars. This is a family-friendly event that will appeal to a wide audience. Alternatively, during winter, you can host a drive-in. The New York Times has a guide on how to set up your own outdoor movie theatre.

Workshops for art and craft enthusiasts

Arrange workshops to enable the local community to learn new skills or crafts from each other. These could include gardening, cooking, home improvements, or knitting or macramé. If you want to try a new craft before suggesting an event for the community, you can purchase a macrame kit from retailers such as

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Your community’s got talent

Showcase the talents of the community in a talent show. Staged in a church or community centre, you can ask for volunteers to participate in singing, dancing, magic tricks, or other special skills. This is a fun way to appreciate and celebrate talent.

A clean-up Saturday

Organise a day dedicated to cleaning up the public spaces in your town or village. This not only enhances the environment but also encourages teamwork and a sense of pride.

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