Legendary Comic Book Artists and Writers Have a New Company: Ghost Machine

Ghost Machine

Comics are a form of media that has remained popular for decades, continuing to enchant old and new fans. From DC and Marvel to Dark Horse and other famous publishers, comics have a large and growing fanbase. According to Business Insider, comic book sales exceeded $2 billion in 2021, having grown steadily since 2017. Now comic book lovers will have an even larger selection. Ghost Machine, a new company officially launched in October of 2023, will be partnering with Image Comics to bring out new and exciting comics from well-known comic writers and illustrators like Geoff Johns.

Who Is Part of Ghost Machine?

Others joining the famous writer and producer in this endeavor include Jason Fabok, Gary Frank, Bryan Hitch, Lamont Magee, Francis Manapul, Brad Meltzer, Ivan Reis, Peter Tomasi and Maytal Zchut. Even more skilled writers and illustrators, as yet unnamed, are slated to join Ghost Machine and its founders (listed above) in the future. All comics produced will be completely exclusive to the company.

What exactly is Ghost Machine?

Ghost Machine is a unique company, the first to try its model. It is fully owned by the comic creators and features fully shared universes. Its comics are also special in that rather than falling under the superhero category, which artists, like Geoff Johns (renowned for his works with and for DC Comics, including Stargirl and the Green Lantern), are known for working in, belong to other genres. These include popular categories like science fiction and horror.

What Comics Will The Creators Release?

Titles belonging to Ghost Machine include Geoff Johns’s Geiger (whose two-issue prequel Geiger: Ground Zero is to be the first release by the company), Junkyard Joe, Redcoat, Rook Exodus and the Rocketfellers. The media company has plans to launch a special issue called Ghost Machine #1 in the first month of 2024. This will be a 64-page edition that introduces the worlds across some of the company’s comics.

Geoff Johns, Jason Fabok, Gary Frank, Bryan Hitch, Lamont Magee, Francis Manapul, Brad Meltzer, Ivan Reis, Peter Tomasi and Maytal Zchut have created something special in Ghost Machine. Their comics cover a wide range of genres and exciting characters, like struggling farmer turned Warden Rook, retired soldier Muddy, the futuristic Rocketfeller family and reluctant redcoat and mercenary Simon Pure, and look to give a fascinating adventure to any reader.

Check out titles and purchase merchandise at Ghost Machine’s official website.

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