How to keep your dishwasher clean

dishwasher clean

As an appliance that cleans, many people rarely think about the cleanliness of their dishwasher.

dishwasher clean

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Let’s look at some easy steps to keep your dishwasher performing and looking its best.

Wash regularly

Running your dishwasher regularly ensures that it remains free from build-up and avoids debris settling at the bottom. This will also help to reduce how often you must thoroughly clean the dishwasher.

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dishwasher clean

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Empty your dishwasher

To thoroughly clean your dishwasher, it is essential that you always run it on a full cycle and empty all the dishes and utensils from the appliance afterwards. This will give you easy access to the whole dishwasher and means you can perform any necessary maintenance correctly.

The spinning arms

Dishwashers operate by spraying water from the spinning arms onto the utensils and dishes inside. When the holes are full of debris build-up or the arms do not spin properly, the dishes are not being thoroughly cleaned.

Check that the arms are spinning correctly and remove any debris that has accumulated within the holes using a toothpick, small pliers or piece of wire.

Clean exterior and edges

If you experience an offending smell coming from the dishwasher, it could be from the exterior areas of the appliance. The area around the door is not cleaned during the regular cycle; therefore, food debris and spills can build up.

A damp cloth and regular household cleaner are usually enough to wipe this grime away. Ensure you also wash the exterior door and buttons to keep your dishwasher sparkling clean, not forgetting the detergent dispenser and flatware basket.

Unclog the drain

The drain is located at the bottom of the dishwasher and commonly attracts plenty of build-up and food debris. Leaving this can eventually cause a clog, making your dishwasher less efficient and harder to clean.

Remove build-up

Use an acid such as lemon juice or white vinegar to remove the build-up and water deposits in the dishwasher. This is essential, as it results in sparkly dishes rather than dingy utensils. Pour this into a bowl placed on the top rack.

Remove mildew

If you have mildew or mould issues with your dishwasher, run a cycle with bleach. This ensures your dishes are thoroughly sanitised when using the appliance in future.

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