Understanding the work of the British Orthodontic Society

The British Orthodontic Society (BOS) comprises five national orthodontic societies: the British Society for the Study of Orthodontics (BSS), Association of University Teachers of Orthodontics (AUTO), British Association of Orthodontists (BAO), Community Orthodontists Section (COS) and Consultant Orthodontists Group (COG). All five merged under the umbrella of the British Orthodontic Society on 1st July 1994.

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The main objective of the society is to ensure that a good standard of orthodontics is practised in the UK and internationally; in addition, it promotes the profession and encourages research and education.


The BOS comprises six groups: the Community Group for community dental service orthodontists; Consultant Orthodontists Group for those working as orthodontic consultants; Practitioners Group for GDP orthodontists who work part-time, or full-time in specialist practices but do not hold specialist qualifications; Orthodontic Specialists Group for practising orthodontists who hold specialist qualifications; Training Grades Group for those working towards a post-graduate qualification; and University Teachers Group for those teaching in universities.

Finding a registered orthodontist

It is very easy to find an orthodontist in your area; for example, you may be looking for registered orthodontists in London. By visiting to the BOS website and clicking on the ‘Find a Treatment’ section, you can complete a search and view the results.

Dental vs cosmetic

According to WalesOnline, braces are back in fashion as we aim for the perfect smile; however, many of us can feel self-conscious when wearing them. Clinics such as https://cathedraldentalclinic.com/orthodontics-cardiff/invisalign-cardiff/ have identified this and offer clear braces that do not show as much as regular ones.

There is also a brace that can be fitted behind your teeth. Called Incognito, it is invisible and means that you can have the required work without the former embarrassment. A spokesperson for the British Dental Foundation explained: “With modern techniques, dental appliances can be made less visible, compared with traditional train-track braces. This makes the patient feel less self-conscious wearing the appliance and therefore more likely to complete a successful treatment and recommend to friends.”

Removable braces are also an option and your Cardiff Invisalign specialist can discuss this option with you. This is often a preferred choice by adults who are looking to straighten out their smile.

Some registered orthodontists also offer other dental and cosmetic treatments; for example, you may need a crown or a root canal treatment as a dental requirement, or you can choose to have your teeth whitened to make your smile that much brighter as a cosmetic treatment.

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