Three types of meter boxes

Most properties in the UK will have meters which measure the usage of the utilities provided to the building such as electricity, gas and water. Many will be attached to the exterior of the building and need to be protected by a housing commonly known as a meter box.

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A whole range of boxes is available to solve problems arising from vandalism or simply wear and tear over the years.

If you are replacing a meter box you will be looking for a cost-effective solution which will produce a long-term answer for the problem, whether it is outside your home, a building used by the public or a commercial unit.

Gas meter boxes

When a gas meter box is installed on an external wall it must be designed in a manner which prevents any escaping gas entering the premises, or a cavity wall, allowing it to disperse into the air. Also, the installer must ensure that the property owner has a suitably labelled key to open any lock on the unit. Boxes should have a suitable seal which prevents ingress of air carried elements.

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BS 8499 specifies requirements for gas meter boxes for use with single gas meter installations conforming to BS 6400, and this is also a consideration to be discussed with your supplier.

When looking to replace an existing box, or install a new gas meter box, many options can be found online at sites such as gas meter box.

Electricity meter boxes

Many electricity meters are installed outside premises and so a protective box is essential. Many of the issues relating to gas supplies are relevant when it comes to choosing such a box. These should comply with UK Standards found at ESI Standard 13-3 April 1986 and the British Standard BS 8567:2012. Keys must be provided to the building owner for a locking box. As with gas boxes, the aim is to provide protection from weather and air-borne contaminants.

Water meter boxes

Increasingly homeowners are installing water metres to measure usage of this increasingly precious commodity. Many suppliers offer reduced prices for clients who install a meter. This is an area which suppliers of gas and electricity meter boxes are looking at, and newly designed boxes are becoming available.

It is worth checking with your gas and electricity meter box supplier for this kind of protection.

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