What are your homes best features?

More and more retirees are moving into park homes. Park homes offer a number of advantages, which we discuss below.

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Increased independence

If you want to maintain your independence but also want the security of living in a friendly, welcoming community, a park home site is the perfect solution. You’ll have the company of neighbours and friends when you want it, along with assistance from on-site management and other staff when needed, but you’ll still be living in your own home, free to do as you please.

This is the perfect alternative to a residential care home for those who want secure, safe and comfortable living but want to remain independent.


The great thing about a new home is you can pick exactly what flooring you have installed.  There are so many options to pick from including Wood Flooring which is hardy and has longevity.

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A ready-made community network

Park home sites are friendly places and you’ll find you can immerse yourself in the local community as little or as much as you want to. Many people can become isolated as they get older, especially if they live alone and don’t have a network of friends and family living nearby. A park home site will have lots of people similar to yourself, and you’ll find many sites organise regular activities, clubs and outings you’ll be able to take part in. You’ll also be free to arrange your own meet-ups and activities if you have something in mind. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded people and will always find someone keen to socialise or join you in your favourite hobbies.

The NHS explains in detail the importance of staying active as we age in order to stay healthy and ward off illnesses and diseases. The activities on offer at many park home sites make it easy to get involved in exercise that’s suitable for your age group and ability.


Residential park homes have on-site security, meaning you can relax in your home, safe in the knowledge that you are protected from burglary and other crimes. Many sites feature extensive CCTV and secure gates that mean only residents and their guests can enter.

The tight-knit community you’ll find on most sites also acts as an extra layer of security – there are always plenty of people around and neighbours keep an eye out for each other.


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