Domestic Abuse Attorneys

Domestic abuse is a serious issue that, unfortunately, plagues many relationships and marriages of all types. Regardless of gender, no one should physically harm their partner for any reason, including infidelity. Any circumstance where physical violence is involved could potentially be life-threatening depending on the attacker’s mental state. There are many individuals across the world who continue to suffer from this type of abuse and quite often, do not believe there is a way out. Specific individuals even forgive the other party and endure routine physical attacks because they feel trapped in this situation. Domestic abuse cases happen all around the world, and this is true for Hernando County, FL as well. If you or someone you know in this area has experienced this type of abuse, it may be advisable to contact a domestic abuse lawyer Hernando county fl.

Getting Help from a Domestic Abuse Lawyer

One of the first things a domestic abuse lawyer will do involves getting a restraining order against the other party. They will not be permitted to come into contact with you at this point, and if they do, they will be arrested due to violating this demand. Depending on the severity of the abuse, the protective order may also demand the attacker move out of the houses immediately to create a safe environment for the plaintiff. While this is certainly up to you, a domestic abuse attorney will likely suggest you file a domestic abuse lawsuit against your partner. This type of lawsuit will allow for you to recoup any potential damages that were incurred aside from physical damages. If your injuries prevented you from going to work, it is possible you would receive some form of financial compensation for lost income, for example.

After the lawsuit has concluded, the next logical step involves filing for divorce and attaining sole custody of your children if you have them. This is certainly not an easy step to take, but it will present the opportunity for a new beginning.

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