How to Make the Most of Domestic Violence Class

You may feel frustrated at the time and expense required to take court approved domestic violence classes online. However, you likely face more severe penalties if you do not follow through on the mandate.

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Roots of Domestic Violence

Research suggests that domestic violence incidents arise when perpetrators feel the need to gain power and control over situations. Abusers may feel insecure or be stressed. Life changes and job loss can contribute to a feeling that one’s life has gotten out of control.

If you witnessed domestic violence in childhood, you may have learned that battering was an acceptable response to problems. You may have never learned better communication and problem-solving skills. Therefore, you have problems with relationships.

The Focus of Domestic Violence Classes

Domestic violence classes help you take personal responsibility for your behavior. You need to identify your triggers, and learn to pause before reacting to situations.

Strategies include changing your thinking about situations you encounter, taking a deep breath, or leaving the situation for a few minutes before you react. Your frustration does not entitle you to hurt other people.

Unlike individual therapy, classes generally don’t dig into your childhood traumas. If you have mental health concerns, you may seek out a therapist in addition to classes.

Making the Most of Your Time

If you are going to spend the time and money attending classes, you might as well approach the situation with an attitude of curiosity. Learn what causes you to behave badly and how to change your behavior. Ultimately, you have to want to address your behaviors. The court cannot force you to change. It can only offer you incentives to change through increased penalties.

Do your homework in between sessions and try to apply the lessons to your daily life. Share and celebrate your victories with your instructor and classmates.

Domestic violence classes help you to respond more positively to situations that lead you to feel like you are losing control.

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