What Happens on a Typical Grand Prix Weekend?

A Formula 1 race is on many people’s bucket list, and so it should be! Those couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon will create memories for a lifetime and provide a thrilling experience for experienced and new F1 watchers. However, there are plenty more things to enjoy across the whole weekend on top of the race itself. There are many things to see and do across a few days, regardless of which race you go to.

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Where to Start

Thursdays are the traditional start to any Formula 1 weekend. Usually this will include a pit lane walk, offering attendees the opportunity to smell that asphalt and mix with the teams as they begin their preparation for the big race. This access is available with the purchase of weekend tickets, which are very popular. Beat the crowds by purchasing a package from reputable providers such as F1 Paddock Club Monaco.

The Action Continues

Along with the access to the track and teams, some races also include support races to get the blood pumping. In Monaco the Thursday also includes both practice sessions, with a Formula 2 race to enjoy early Friday afternoon. Following that race, ticket holders usually then enjoy further track walks, access to the pit lanes and the amazing sights of Monaco harbour. You will also never be too far away from a place to grab a bite to eat or enjoy some drinks with fellow motor sport fanatics.

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Qualifying Saturday

You will enjoy some initial practice sessions – usually around 90 minutes each – and then see the qualifying take place on Saturday afternoon to find out who will get pole position. There are strict rules around qualifying, so it pays to do your homework ahead of your trip if you are new to F1. Those lucky enough to have access via Edge Global Events for F1 Paddock Club Monaco will be able to make the most of the buzz of the qualifying and action across other days.

The Big Day

All the preparation and build-up across the earlier days leads to the big race itself on Sunday. The race usually lasts for up to two hours, but before the green lights set the cars flying towards the first bend, there is plenty to enjoy beforehand.


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