What to know about flooring warranties?

Did you know that most new laminate floor purchases are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty? To understand what is covered in your laminate warranty, we take a look at some of the terms you may read about and what they mean for you.

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A staining warranty will guarantee against the types of stains that can occur from everyday household activity. Always read the maintenance instructions carefully for your flooring, however, as damage from use of harmful chemicals will not be covered by the warranty.


You may want to look into whether you have a fade warranty, which will cover you for fading from artificial light or sunlight.

Water Resistance

This is really important and if your standard manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t have this you may want to consider it. Water resistance warranty means you are covered for any damage caused by heavy spills or mopping. It is not the same as flood damage cover which should be included in your home insurance.

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Laminate will naturally wear like any surface in the home, but if your cover protects from some types of wear then you can save money on the cost of repairing your laminate. Wear cover wording will differ according to different warranties, some may cover indentations and scratches, for example, whilst others don’t. This is an important area to check on your warranty if you are going to have furniture placed on your flooring for an office such as desk chairs that are going to regularly move around. Reception Chairs like the ones you can find from www.bestbuy-officechairs.co.uk/reception-chairs/ are less likely to tear your flooring as they will remain in a static position.

Locking System

This kind of cover is designed to guarantee the locking system of your laminate flooring for the length of the warranty. If any of the locking system comes apart, it should technically be fixed under the terms laid out in the warranty.

Installation Warranty

This is different to a manufacturer’s warranty and protects against the installation itself. It is provided by the installer, not the manufacturer or retailer. Always seek out experienced installers who can guarantee quality and offer a warranty.

Residential vs commercial warranty

Many laminate flooring options come with a different warranty depending on whether you are using the flooring for the home or a commercial premises. Residential warranties are longer than commercial ones.

When you buy your new flooring check the warranty carefully. If anything isn’t covered that you would like to be, consider taking out additional cover for it, or speaking to your retailer.

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