Which Rings Are Typically Given at Each Stage of Your Relationship?

Each significant stage of a relationship is usually celebrated with a ring. So why not book a special holiday and stay in Kas Villas in Turkey by using a Kas 4 Villas Holiday Rental company, or perhaps to another location that is important to you as a couple, and share one of these rings with your partner.  These are the main relationship stages and the rings you should choose to make a statement.

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The Promise Ring

If you know you’ve found “the one” but marriage isn’t on the table yet, then a promise ring signifies a level of commitment. They are more of a gesture to show your love and dedication for someone. You need not spend a lot of money on a promise ring, and there’s no set style – it’s more about individual preference.

Engagement Rings

There’s nothing more nerve-wracking than asking someone to marry you. The proposal is everything. However, the ring you choose can also make or break the deal. There are many styles of engagement rings, and the recipient’s preference should be considered.

Many people buy Diamond Engagement Rings online as an easier option. Some still choose the traditional jeweller route, but the internet offers quirkier styles.

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Wedding Rings

Wedding bands are a central part of the wedding ceremony. They’re often plainer than engagement rings, with one small gem. You don’t have to keep it simple, though, as there are quirky designs available. Just remember that wedding bands are usually placed above engagement rings, so they should complement each other.

The shape of the metal used for the band, also known as the profile, is the most important factor in choosing a wedding ring. The styles range from where the band is indented (concave) to a half circle on top of the band (D shape).

Eternity Rings

Eternity rings symbolise ongoing commitments after marriage. Occasions such as renewing wedding vows are often celebrated with an eternity ring. They’re usually made of white gold or platinum and have unique styles. Full bands have gemstones encrusted around the band, and half bands are plain with gemstones placed on the other half.

Full eternity rings are difficult to resize, so if you’re thinking about purchasing one, then take one of your spouse’s rings with you. If you’re unsure, then go for one size smaller. It’s easier to make eternity rings bigger than to reduce them.

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